Free Date Ideas? Best 5 to Try in 2020

Sometimes people get so set in a relationship that the routine hardly changes, and every relationship, no matter the nature, needs to break with tradition now and again. When couples do something new together, or even just break from the normal routine for just the day, that actually improves the relationship; doing something new can bring back the butterflies you felt when you two first met.

If a couple find that they’re a little bored with the same old stuff, they usually go out on a date to switch things up; you know, put some spice or passion back into the relationship. But the thing is, what kind of date should they go on?

There’s a ton of great date ideas out there, but we’ve curated a list of seven ideas that will reinvigorate your relationship; if you’re embarking on a new relationship, these dates apply to you as well, so give them some consideration when you’re thinking about what to do for the next date. Of course if you're commited to getting laid on the first date, then definitely keep these date ideas in mind.

Three D’s: Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing

It’s the go-to date idea because it works. This idea is great for both new and not-so-new relationships, and surely will invoke some passion between the two of you.

This date is blatantly obvious; you go out to eat a nice place (not too fancy, Gents), head to another venue for drinks, and then go to a club if the place you got drinks doesn’t offer the chance to dance together.

This is a night for the two of you to reconnect or to learn more about the other person. You’ll be surrounded by people, but you might as well be invisible since you’ll only interact with each other; if you’re a good conversationalist, this date gives you a chance to show off your strengths.

If you’re not one to have long discussions or conversations where the time seems to literally fly by, this date might not be for you (and relationships won’t be easy for you either). This date involves a lot of conversation and chemistry between both partners, so if you’re only on your second date and you’re not falling for each other, abort the mission (it works best for people who have been together for some time).

A date like this is committing to three different activities, and if you just started casual dating, just go out for dinner; if the wheels fall off during dinner, going for drinks and dancing after won’t be very enjoyable for either of you.

Couples Who Bake Together Stay Together

It’s a rainy weekend, and you want to do something with bae that’s simple, fun, and has the potential for some extracurricular activities (wink wink); what to do? Bake together (until you get sick from eating all of the dough that you were supposed to bake)!

It’s a fun, cheap activity that couples can do together when they’d rather not put their pants on, or when it’s a rainy day and fresh baked goods sound a lot better than eating real food. When you bake with your partner in crime, it’s a chance to have some innocent fun - you know, eat tons of cookies and pass out on the couch together.

Farmer’s Market

If you live in rural area or in most modern cities, chances are there’s a farmer’s market going on near you. It’s a cool place to go to, but it sucks if you’re alone; if you’ve got bae with you, though, it’s a nice date idea that’ll be a nice change from the usual stuff.

Farmer’s markets are a great place to walk around, chat with each other, people watch, and you may even find a little gift or trinket that she’d like and appreciate as a memento to remember this day you spent together. You can spend a good amount of money, or you can spend nothing at all; farmer’s markets are great casual dates (maybe even add on something else afterwards) for couples of all sorts.

Star-Gaze Into Her Heart

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, going stargazing with bae is surely going to add some flavor and romanticism into your relationship (and it’s gonna get you laid in a major way).

Grab a blanket, some sweatshirts, and head out to a park, your back yard, or on your roof, and lay down next together and just let the beauty take you in and far away from the world you’re living in. This date is a great chance for you to reconnect or connect, and get to know a little more about one another - the setting can lead to some intimate moments, so make sure your flirt/romance game is on point.

Guys, this a chance for you to ‘wow’ her, to show her a side of you that you’d never share with your bro’s; if you’re not the type of guy who ‘has feelings’, this date might not be for you. If you happen to be a true romantic at heart, this date is pretty much your shining moment, so don’t screw it up, pony boy.

If you’ve been together for a while and the romance has been felt less frequently than in the past, this is a great opportunity reinvigorate your commitment to each other. Say something to her that makes her kiss you without a second thought - that, my friends, is what you’re going for here.

Watch The Day Start/End Together

This date is quite similar to number four, but unlike star gazing, this date can be rather short, so make sure you’ve got something to do after the sunrise/sunset.

Basically, this is another romantic setting for you (as the guy) to capture her heart. Whether this is one of your first dates together or it’s date 587, it can surely add some romance to your relationship.

Surely it’s going to invoke some conversation, so make sure you’ve got your romantic pants on. If you can say something to her that’s honest about yourself, your feelings for her, or how you feel about being together (something sweet, of course, not “I’m leaving you.”), she’s going to love you forever.

Take A Short Trip

Nothing refreshes a relationship like a completely new geographical setting; if you and bae take a trip together, whether it’s a day trip or just a day or two spent away from home, your relationship is going to feel like back when you first got together.

Where you go isn’t entirely important, but make sure there’s at least one thing you can do there together that you can’t do back at home. For some reason, just being in a new place is refreshing and can help you regain focus on what is important to both of you.

Next time you and bae want to go on a date but nothing in your area seems very interesting, pack into the car and pick a random location that’s at least an hour away; give yourselves some true alone-time and rediscover each other. Its not the location that matters, but rather the company you keep.

Rent a cabin, a room in a nice hotel in a nearby city, or take a day trip to a wildlife park in your area; do something together in a setting where you can have all the time together that you want. This is about your relationship and having a good time together, so give yourselves the opportunity to do just that.

Cook For Her

If your relationship is lacking the passion area, then cook a nice meal for her and treat her like a queen. If you’re trying to get laid, that’ll do the trick nicely.

Sometimes when a couple isn’t as passionate as they used to be, it’s because less effort has been put into it, and that’s okay; passion isn’t easy to maintain, and this happens to every couple. Surprisingly, though, it doesn’t take a whole lot to recreate that feeling of desire; if you (the guy) can whip up a nice meal that both of you can enjoy, and get some wine, you’ll have a great night together.

Just reminding her that you’re head over heels in love with her is all you really need to do if you feel like your relationship isn’t as exciting or in the same form as it used to be. She’s never lost that fire, that passion for you, and never will; show her that you haven’t either.

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