Local Sex Ads? Best 5 Sites for 2020

We all want to get laid quick – and not all sites are created equal in our quest for booty. Here are five of the best sites to help you get laid tonight.


While OKCupid has long been written off as a place to find a life partner and not a casual fling, there’s a lot going for the site when it comes to finding some casual lovin’ quick. One of its best features is how infinitely customizable your profile is – there are hundreds of questions you can answer, and you can set your own deal-breakers. If, for example, you can’t go on a date with someone who smokes, you can filter out anyone who does. And thanks to nearly endless ways to combine your gender and sexaulity, you can curate your list of available cuties however serves you best.

With OKCupid, it’s important to be direct about how much involvement you’re looking for: you don’t want to hurt any feelings by going into a date hoping for a one night stand with a guy who’s already hearing wedding bells. You won’t run out of cuties to swipe on because OKCupid has been around for years, and is one of the most popular dating sites, so you can have your pick of the town.

With a little direct communication and some dedicated swiping, you can meet people in your area tonight.


We live in a world of scams, and ***Xmatch* takes users’ safety seriously**. They have two different ways to prove your identity, either by photo ID or taking a selfie beside your username. If you’re the kind of person who’s not looking for games, you can filter your searches to only include someone who’s taken one (or both) of those security measures.

That’s not the only reason I love Xmatch. A little cousin of Adult Friend Finder, Xmatch hosts real humans who are eager to get real sexy. This site caters to everyone under the sun – even polyamorous folks – so you can get in on one-on-one flings, threesomes, and parties, or even find true love.

If you get intimidated by all the babes available, you can chill out for a bit by browsing their erotic stories, chat rooms, forums, and free sex dates.

Unfortunately, most of the goods cost a pretty penny. If you hope to look at a member profile, send messages, watch those cams, and see private photos, you’ll need to cough up the dough. However, most users agree that the perks are well worth the $14.95 to $24.95 per month.


With a name that doesn’t mince words, you probably already guessed that ClasifiedAds is very similar to Craigslist – but a whole lot less popular. It’s a series of classifieds running everything from trucks for sale to missed connections, and best of all, they still boast a personals section.

This site calls back to more traditional dating services – its simple design is less about graphics and aesthetics and more about getting you connected. Like Craigslist Personals, you don’t have to share a picture, so you can post anonymously, throw your innermost desires onto the water, and see who bites...if you’re into that sort of thing. When you see an ad that titillates, you get to send them a message right then and there to get the conversation rolling. The secrecy and mystery make it an enticing offer even the steeliest of us couldn’t refuse.

The only problem with ClassifiedAds? It’s not exactly a clean replacement for Craigslist Personals since it’s missing the key ingredient: people, and lots of them. The users on ClassifiedAds are rather sparse, and for some good anonymous sex, you may have to do a bit of traveling. But for the right play, a little drive never hurt anyone, and anticipation only makes it sweeter.


Another secret gem not unlike Craigslist personals, and not-so-discreetly named after Backpage, Bedpage is all about hooking up horny folks looking for some action. You can search by city and state, and Bedpage even has international settings to look for lovin’ all around the globe. However, be careful in your search: it’s far less popular than other dating sites, so your options are narrow. To make it trickier, the site hosts a fair share of escorts, too. While that’s not a problem in general, if you’re looking for some amateur (and free) fun, you may need to read the ads carefully before you send that message.

So long as you’re smart, do your research, and play your cards right, you could very well be finding the right honey to drive you wild tonight.


Oodle is a different kind of site. Instead of just hoping people come and join them, this is a Craigslist alternative that pulls in ads of all stripes from across the internet, putting them in one tidy space for your convenience. That includes their personals section, drawn from several different sites so you don’t have to do as much digging. When you find a babe in your area and click, you’ll be redirected to the original place they posted so you can contact them immediately.

The personals here are way more straightforward than a traditional dating site – no long bios, no never ending stream of pictures, just the facts for you to get the party started.

Although Oodle is free, other sites you get redirected to may cost a buck, so have your card ready if you think you’ve found the one – or at least the one for the night.

It’s easier than ever to get sex online free now – even without Craigslist’s personals ads to get our sails going. Where do you turn for some good casual fun?

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