Adult Classifieds? 5 Alternatives

Back in 2018, the sex-loving world mourned the death of Craigslist Personals. For over a decade, they’d been the cornerstone of all our sexiest exploits, and without it, it seems almost like the days of anonymous hookups opening the doors to your most far-reaching and scintillating fantasies are gone. Nowadays, things seem complicated and rife with scams – but the jig isn’t up yet. You can have your sexy cake and eat it too, thanks to these five alternatives to adult classifieds that, while not the Craigslist Personals we knew and loved, are still a damn good time.


Bedpage, a riff on the also-defunct Backpage, is a site all about hooking up horny folks like you looking for some action. The layout reminds you of the old Craigslist ads, and they don’t fluff up their page with fancy graphics, because their focus isn’t on a pretty layout: it’s on getting you laid. You can search by a major city, or just by your state – and those of you over the pond can look internationally, too. While this site does have real gems looking for some fun, be careful when you search here. It’s far less popular than Craigslist used to be, and the pickins’ are slim and peppered with escorts – which is by no means a bad thing, but may not be what you thought you were getting into. However, if you’re smart and do your homework, you could get lucky and find the right honey to warm your bed tonight.


I don’t know about you, but everyone I know who’s gone on Craigslist for sex hasn’t been looking for the vanilla stuff. If we wanted that, we could have just gone to Tinder or picked someone up at the bar. Instead, when we have darker fantasies involving wax, blindfolds, electricity, fire, ropes, dom/sub relationships, watersports, and more, we choose other channels. My personal favorite? A little haven called FetLife. Designed for the fetish community to connect and get together, FetLife is less of a dating site and more of the kinky social media you didn’t know you needed. There are meetups, parties, groups, and mingles posted all over the country – and because it’s been around so long, there’s probably a few kinksters in your own small town, too.

If you’re nervous about posting, don’t worry: FetLife is run by horny and fetish-loving folks like yourself, and they know that privacy and professionalism are key. They have an active task force of people ensuring everyone stays safe, legal, and (if desired) anonymous.

Unleash your sexiest, most scandalous fantasies with a neighbor tonight through FetLife.


Currently the biggest site compiling ads from all across the web, Oodle does the searching so you don’t have to. In addition to their Craigslist-style market for selling trucks and connecting potential roommates, Oodle specializes in sparking the love connection for horny and eager people looking to play. Their posts and messages are way more straightforward than most other dating apps or websites these days – no long bios, no slew of pictures. Instead, it’s a direct way of finding sexy locals. However, be careful! Some of these ads redirect you to sites that may have fees or be loaded with spam accounts.

If you’re serious about connecting, look for the folks who put their email address in their ad – that way, you know they’re game to meet you as soon as possible.


If you want something a little kinkier than Tinder, but a little more vanilla then FetLife, Feeld hits that sweet spot like no other. This OG app for threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes doesn’t judge when it comes to age, gender, sexuality, kinks, and desires. Originally called Thrinder, Feeld has a simple, Tinder-like layout that’s easy to navigate and good for finding the hookups. Best of all, it’s one of the few apps out there that actually seems to work. Everyone is on Feeld with the same goal: to get laid. You can be messaging a honey and meeting them for drinks tonight, if you play your cards right. But be warned: this app works best in big cities – if you’re in a smaller area, be prepared to do a little traveling to get sexy. But isn’t great sex always worth the drive?


Right off the bat, you know you’re in for something unique with Hud, an up and coming app designed to get you laid – fast. This inclusive and diverse app is great for finding all kinds of sexy people from various backgrounds, and they mean business. In addition to the standard, Tinder-like profile, they have a tab called your “bedroom” where you can answer “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” about your feelings on different sexy kinks like choking, blindfolding, biting, dirty talk, butt stuff, toys, peeping, wax, nylons, and feet.

This feature helps you make sure you’re hopping into bed with someone who’s seeking what you are, so you don’t come to a booty call with candles for the dripping when your date is as vanilla as soft serve.

My favorite thing about Hud may just be their “SAFE” badge, which lets you know who’s been tested recently. You’re all there to have fun, and instead of dancing around this crucial topic, you get to know what your partners’ statuses are before hitting the sack. The only catch? This app only lets you choose one filter to be attracted to at a time, making it hard if you are attracted to more than one group, but not all of them. This makes searching a little tedious for all the pansexual horndogs out there – but hey, when Hud does so much else right, it’s worth the slog.

These five sites are all incredible ways to unleash your inner desires, from the furthest reaches to the most tender vanilla daydreams. Craigslist may be gone, but horny folks live on forever. Have you tried any of these? What’s been your favorite?

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