Craigslist Women Seeking Men? Try This

Dudes all think we have it easy hooking up online. Let’s face it, the numbers are in our favor on a lot of sites. But not all sites are created equal. And while the numbers game is in our favor, that generally just means a dick pic at best. If you’re looking for single men near you, it can be frustrating to navigate the space between looking for some pleasure and keeping our aggravation to a minimum. Personally, I really want to have fun, but if another man thinks he’s the first person to say “hey sexy” as an opener, I think I’ll scream. So where do we go when we want fun, we want it fast, but don’t want to deal with dead ends and cancelled plans?

In my opinion, the number one spot to start hooking up by the weekend is a little site called Badoo.

What’s Badoo?

Actively a dating site since 2006, Badoo has had the wisdom of experience to help it become a platform to remember. In 2016, it even got the award of being the most-downloaded dating app in twenty-one countries. If major dating scenes around the world agree that Badoo is where it’s at, then maybe we should be taking their cue and tossing our that in as well.

What makes Badoo different is that it’s somewhere between Myspace and Tinder, wrapped up in one contemporary package. Still not convinced? Their 4.6 rating out of 5 stars on Apple (that’s with over 39,000 unique reviews) may just convince you to hop on board.

Badoo’s success may come from their unique angle. Instead of just being a swiping game, they want you to connect now. You can look at people who are near you, and without waiting for a match, go ahead and message them. Once you’ve started playing around online, you can scroll through your matches or favorites, and peep at everyone who’s viewed you.

Most intriguing, they have live cams of hot young men interested in pleasing ladies from afar. If you can’t find someone to hook up with tonight but still want to get naughty, they’ve got you covered. However, from what users loyal to the site say: you may not worry about coming up empty-handed anytime soon.

Why is it perfect for women?

Badoo’s number one flaw is strangely what makes it the perfect site for women in the states. This site, nice as the layout is, is overwhelmed by single, straight men looking for a hookup nearby, and the number of women using it is so low, it’s almost sad. If you make a profile here, you’ll be rolling in cute dudes nearby, eager for some kind of connection, almost as soon as you register. So take advantage of the numbers, girl, and get you some ASAP.

And you know how I said that you can message without matching? While this normally invites a flood of frustrating dick pics, Badoo anticipated our needs and provided a really rad feature: you have to request a selfie.

That’s right. They can’t send one without your eager ask. When you click a button, that selfie ability is unlocked, and with that kind of power, you’ll only see selfies only from guys who turn you on.

Is it free?

All good things have a price tag on it, don’t they? Badoo, unfortunately, is no different. Although they’re kind enough to give you your first month of premium for free, afterward, you’ll have to pay for just about any kind of functionality.

They have two different ways to access these features. You can opt for credits and just pay by action, or you can pay for a premium membership for unlimited fun. You can buy four different tiers of credits, depending on if you’re looking to get your toes wet or want to dive in headfirst:

  • 100 credits: $2.99 (or $0.03 per credit)
  • 550 credits: $7.99 (or about $0.015 per credit)
  • 1250 credits: $9.99 (or about $0.008 per credit)
  • 2750 credits: $19.99 (or about $0.007 per credit)

The more you buy, the more drastically you save. As features typically cost about a hundred credits to use, you may want to go all out, since the cost adds up. If credits aren’t your thing, try the Badoo Premium subscription. You can buy one for just $0.79 per day (that’s about $23.70 per month), or commit to a lifetime subscription for $59.99. That means your one-time, lifetime premium gets paid off in just three months. Yes, it's not a completely free sex app, but the money will be well worth it.

Is there a catch?

This app, by and large, got its fame in Europe and South America. Although there are plenty of users active around the world, you may not have as many options here as on other sites. In addition, the great gender gap that makes you such a hot commodity on Badoo also may work against you. When so few women are online, men are jumping at the chance to date you or hook up long distance, which can get overwhelming, and frankly, annoying. But hey! If you’re out there trying to get laid, I’m going to guess you’re no stranger to men haranguing you online. This site isn’t a saint, but it’s no different from the annoying messages you get on Tinder, OKCupid, and every other dating site out there.

The verdict

Overall, despite the need to pay for a membership, Badoo is the real deal. There’s a lot going on in this site’s defense, and it’s not just that you’ll be the guaranteed belle of the ball. With over a decade on their side, the developers have figured out how to make this site the best it can be, and offer ever-expanding opportunities for you to connect and get sexy tonight.

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