Date Ideas? 5 Terrible Dates if You Want to Bang

Alright, you took the big first step and got those digits from the girl you’ve had your eye on. You set up a day and time for your date, but now you gotta figure out something - where are you going to take her?

This is important; she likely has no impression of you, so you’re going to need to show her the best version of yourself right off the bat, and that includes picking the right place to have your first date together. There’s tons of great first date ideas, but what is more important right now is knowing the dates not to take her on; we are going to go over terrible first date ideas that you should not take bae on if you want a second date.

Fancy Dinner

Why don’t we start with the worst first date? It’s the typical dinner at a fancy restaurant, and too many guys out there think it’s an acceptable first date.

There’s so many things wrong with this date that I don’t know where to start. Okay, first off, it’s a fancy restaurant; what’re you thinking??

You barely know this girl, and you want to shell out some cash to try to win her over? That’s not going to work; she’s not an idiot, and clearly you are, for taking her to a classy, expensive place on your first dat e- that’s meant for the important milestones, not the first date.

With a dinner date, the only way for you to entertain yourselves is to make conversation, which over the course of a dinner can get awkward and dull if conversing isn’t one of your strengths. This is at least a two-three hour commitment you’ve made to one venue; unless you’re making her laugh hysterically and having an engaging conversation that makes the time fly by, she’s probably not going to want a second date.

You’ve simply put too much pressure on yourself and her by reserving a table at an expensive restaurant; a better option would be to go somewhere casual, go for drinks after, and maybe even a short activity before dinner.

Boring Movie

Ah, the simple movie date; while recommended by some people, it’s actually one of the worst first date ideas you could ever think of. The entire point of a date is to get to know someone and to enjoy each other’s company, and a movie prevents either one of those things from happening.

A movie doesn’t give you the opportunity to talk to her, to get to know her; all you get to do is sit next to each other in silence for two hours. If you’re wondering if she had a good time after your movie date, she didn’t.

She wants to get to know you just like you want to know her, so do each other a favor and just grab dinner and a drink afterwards.

She might actually be turned off by your insane lack of creativity and originality, which means you’re not going on a second date; a movie isn’t necessarily screaming “creativity”. Improve the date immensely by going to dinner afterwards (although you should just skip the movie entirely for the first date).


Lunch may seem like a great first date because it’s casual and not overly long, but frankly, it’s not very good. It might not be a terrible idea, but it’s not going to ‘wow’ her.

With a first date, you want to give her every reason to want to see you again, but going out for lunch isn’t going to make her gush over you to her friends. A lunch date is missing something: romanticism.

Lunch dates just seem too casual, and they’re short enough to where it’s too easy to just part ways once it’s over; the lack of romance and commitment to a longer date don’t give you many chances to win her over.

You see, she’d love to run back to her friends after your date and talk about how amazing you are, but your lunch date didn’t inspire feelings of romance or passion- you might as well have just hung out as friends with benefits.

Take a Hike

I don’t know who went on the first hike date, but whoever it was surely didn’t have a very good time; I mean, who wants to exercise and sweat on a date when it’s not during sex? Taking a girl out on a hike for a first date is a no-no, unless you’re both working at a national park.

It may seem like a good idea because of the scenic views, but it’s not entirely romantic; it feels more like two friends just hanging out, which isn’t what you’re going for here. If by “hike” you mean a two minute walk up some stairs or a small hill to a romantic spot with a 360 degree view, then that’s fine - you’ll be seeing more of her if that’s the kind of hike you’re thinking about.

When girls imagine their first date with you, they’ll never picture both of you in workout clothes, breathing hard and having a thoroughly unenjoyable experience trying to run up a huge hill or mountain trail; what they’d rather do would be to have dinner and get drinks or dessert after. Hike on a first date? Take a hike, bozo.

Coffee Shop

On a first date, you want to avoid settings that dull the sense of romance, a coffee shop being one of them. This might be a good date idea for a blind date, as it’s informal and you can easily bail, but it’s not great for when you actually like this person and know even just a little about them.

If you know her a little and have actually met before, try not to meet at a coffee shop; if you do, have another place to go after you’ve had some coffee and a nice chat to warm things up. If it’s during the day, go to another location and grab some lunch, and give yourselves enough time to click and build some chemistry - a simple coffee date doesn’t give you enough time together unless you end up chatting for hours on end and totally hit it off.

The coffee date is a common first casual date, and a good one when it’s a blind date; the short commitment gives you the chance to bail at any time if it doesn’t work out, but other than that don’t try it. If she knows you even a little, she’ll be more impressed if you go out to dinner at a casual place and get drinks afterwards; this is your first date together, and a coffee date isn’t entirely memorable.

These five date ideas aren’t ‘terrible’ dates by themselves, but as far as first dates go, they are among some of the worst, and for a variety of reasons, mainly centering around the fact that they’re best for already established couples, or at least people who’ve been on at least a couple dates together.

Instead, just take her to a nice place that isn’t too fancy where you can talk but don’t feel like you’re completely isolated. After that, if you’ve had a good time together and its clear she likes you, ask her if she’d like to get a drink somewhere or grab dessert.

Make her laugh, make her smile, make her feel like everything is right when she’s with you, and you can go on any date you want.

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